The Climate Change Executive Order (19-37) created a new subcabinet to rally the resources of state government and emphasize the urgent need for climate action.


Cover of report Subcabinet Update Report to the Governor for 2020

Each year, the subcabinet will produce and submit a report to the Governor.
Here is the first edition.





Structure of subcabinet

The Climate Change Subcabinet is comprised of executives from 15 state agencies, departments, and boards.

Chair: Commissioner of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Chart showing list of agencies that are part of Subcabinet


The subcabinet was established to:

  • Identify policies and strategies that will put Minnesota back on track to meet or exceed our GHG reduction goals and achieve 100% clean energy by 2050
  • Identify policies and strategies that will enhance the climate resiliency of Minnesota‚Äôs natural resources, working lands, and communities and assist state agencies, businesses, and local communities to prepare for climate change impacts that cannot be avoided or mitigated
  • Engage with Minnesotans on these complex issues
  • Promote equitable policy solutions that can reduce current disparities in Minnesota, ensure a just transition for impacted workers and communities, and encourage green economic development and job creation


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