Climate change is not in the distant future—it’s happening here and now. The state of Minnesota has been monitoring changes in temperature and precipitation, snow depth and lake ice, storms and droughts, our growing season and more for decades. As our climate changes, we see the harmful effects in communities across our state today, from health, to housing, to fish and farming.

Farm field with torrential rain and runoff, carrying away soil

Minnesota is getting warmer and wetter

The scientific evidence is clear: Minnesota's climate already is changing rapidly.

Farmer standing next to a hog feeding area

Farmers face new challenges for crops, livestock

A warmer, wetter Minn. strains food production, our ag economy, and farmers.

Duluth street with buckled and destroyed pavement, water flowing

Mega-rains overwhelm rivers, roads, and budgets

Since 2000, Minnesota has seen a significant uptick in devastating rainstorms.

Senior woman holding glass of water

Older Minnesotans are in danger from extreme heat

Average temperatures have warmed by nearly 3°F and extreme heat events are also on the rise.

Snowmobiles on a trail

Recreation, tourism threatened by winter warming

Our increasingly warm winters is one of the leading indicators that Minnesota’s climate is changing.

Street map of north Minneapolis showing redlined districts

Disproportionate heat risks for communities of color

Decades of housing discrimination created climate inequities in cities like Minneapolis.

A common loon floats in the water

Fish and wildlife struggle under new conditions

Warmer waters are stressing Minnesota's iconic lakes and diverse fisheries.

Wild rice harvest

Indigenous ways of life in jeopardy

Our changing climate threatens food security and cultural traditions for Tribes.

Pedestrian in rain storm

Heavy rains put our health, water quality at risk

Climate change poses severe challenges for our stormwater systems.