The Environmental Quality Board tracks and routinely evaluates the state's progress on several important environmental quality metrics. 

The Minnesota Environmental Quality Board (EQB) is made up of nine state agencies and citizen representatives from across the state. The EQB enhances Minnesota’s environmental quality by leading inter-agency work to advance meaningful public engagement and facilitates informed decision-making on critical environmental issues.

The EQB’s Environment & Energy Report Card evaluates five components of Minnesota’s environment: climate, energy, air, water, and land.  The report card is designed as a living document to be regularly updated to track our state’s progress.

Some key takeaways from the 2019 Environment and Energy Report Card:

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    The report card is designed as a living document to be regularly updated or track our state's progress.
    Minnesota’s climate is changing rapidly with more frequent extreme precipitation and increasing temperatures.
  • We have reduced pollution from sewers and industry within the last decades. However, pollution from agriculture, lawns, and roads is increasingly found in our drinking water supplies, rivers, and lakes.
  • Minnesota achieved 25% renewable energy in 2018 and is on track to surpass its renewable electricity standard of 28.5% by 2025.
  • Use of fossil fuels for transportation must decline steadily to achieve the state’s greenhouse gas reduction goal. However, fossil fuel use has been flat or growing for the last six years.

More information: 2019 Energy and Environment Report Card (EQB)