The State Climatology Office tracks measurable changes and emerging trends in Minnesota's climate — so Minnesotans can better prepare for the future. 

The State Climatology Office is a comprehensive and robust resource for monitoring and measuring changes in our state’s climate. This resource helps us understand changes in climate conditions such as: the state has warmed by 2.9 degrees since 1895 while getting 3.4 inches wetter per year. The Minnesota State Climatology Office is part of a collaborative effort existing to study and describe the climate of Minnesota. In addition to the Department of Natural Resources State Climatology Office, members include the University of Minnesota-Department of Soil, Water, and Climate; the University of Minnesota-Department of Geography; the University of Minnesota Extension Service; the National Weather Service and others.

By reviewing climate data, we can gain an understanding of current conditions as well as what we can expect from Minnesota’s weather in the future. The MN State Climatology Office is a crucial resource for government agencies, businesses, and communities around the state.

More information: Minnesota State Climatology Office (DNR)